I just checked, and the site has been up for about three years now. It’s been a great time running this site, and I thank you for all of your attention and engagement. I’ve connected with a bunch of great aviators.

It’s hard for me to let the site go, but I have to. I am in the process for joining the military, and I can no longer devote time to this website. I’ve had to prioritize numerous things in my life, and, unfortunately, this site can no longer be a priority.

I hope you enjoy this last post. And if you want to get a hold of me the contact form will work for a little while longer.



1968 PIPER CHEROKEE 140 — $23,000

1947 STINSON 108-2 — $24,900

1946 AERONCA 11 AC CHIEF — $34,950

1947 CESSNA 140 — $37,000

All Images Credit: Controller.com

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  1. Margaret Ferguson

    Hi!I have enjoyed these postings so much!But Thankyou in advance for your service.Im proud for you,be safe and come back and fly with us!!!

  2. Corby

    Thank you so much for providing this service!! Best of luck to you as you move forward!! Looking forward to seeing great things from you!

  3. Chaz

    Why not pass the site on to someone that might have a similar interest in running it?

    1. calvin Listing Owner

      To be honest my ego hadn’t considered anyone else doing this, but I’ve got multiple offers to carry the torch. I’m actively considering it. You’ll be alerted of any news!

  4. Andrew Watson

    Your posts will be missed, but you made the right decision for your future. Go make a hero of your self and then comeback and tell us about your adventures.

  5. John Roberts

    Good luck, thank you for the work, past and future.

  6. Daniel Brooks

    Welcome to the brotherhood in advance. I have enjoyed reading your posts and getting information on aircraft and great buys. I will miss them if you don’t pass this torch along to someone who can follow in your footsteps here and keep up the posts each week as you have. Come back and check in from time to time and reach out if you ever need anything. Come fly with us when you return.

  7. Jeff martin

    If you’d consider it, I would like to discuss continuing the site. Im sure my marketing people can continue it. And you could certainly have a say in the direction you want to see it going forward.
    Best of luck in your service to our country.

  8. Donnie Hankins

    It has been something that I have looked forward to each week, and will be sad to see it go but understand. Thank You for your service and be safe out there. Who know maybe we will see each other up in the skies sometime.