This is a quick links page for the cheapest aircraft from some of the biggest aircraft listing sites on the internet. All you have to do is click one of the links below, and it’ll take you the most current search results for the least expensive airplanes in that category.

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The Cheapest Aircraft Online

Single-Engine Piston

cheapest aircraft

Multi-Engine Piston

cheapest aircraft


cheapest aircraft

Turbine Aircraft

cheapest aircraft

Turboprop Aircraft

cheapest aircraft

I use these same websites to help find picks for the weekly Airplane Buyers Club “Five Planes for Sale” (click link to subscribe) blog posts, where I feature five airplanes that are for sale that I think are either a good deal, very interesting, or a good match for the readers of this website.

Buying an airplane is an exciting process, and it it can be extremely overwhelming. No matter how inexpensive an airplane is, it is still a significant purchase. If this is your first time buying an aircraft I’d strongly recommend either talking to someone who has purchased one before, discussing your needs with a professional, or at least referencing a guide like AOPA’s Buyers Guide to help you out.

Buying a “cheap” aircraft can also mean buying a “bad” aircraft, so please be extremely cautious and make sure you are getting a good deal instead getting ripped off. I have heard too many horror stories from fellow pilots who have been promised the world for a small price tag, and then immediately disappointed and stuck with a lemon-of-an airplane. Go through the logs of the airplane, get an appraisal done, talk to a mechanic (have him/her) look at the logs also, and when it comes time to buy the airplane it is always a good idea to take someone knowledgeable with you.

With all of that being said, I have also known pilots who have purchased airplanes that were extraordinarily good deals that have worked out well for them. The difference between the pilot who purchases a bad deal and the pilot who ends up with a good deal is knowledge, research, and hard work. Make the extra effort before you buy the plane, and be upset before you spend five figures and regret it later.

Good luck, and let me know if this helps you find any good deals. I hope it does.

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